• Dolphins and other marine animals entertain and educate park visitors
  • Friendly marine animals make aquatic exhibits interactive and fun
  • Discus are very popular with advanced aquarium owners

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Fish aquariums, whether large public aquariums or small home aquariums, are fun, educational and calming. Have you ever wondered why doctor offices, hospitals and senior living centers have fish aquariums? Studies have shown that gazing at aquariums reduces stress and as a result can lower anxiety and blood pressure. It also reduces hyperactivity in kids and helps older patients with alzheimer to have a desire to eat more.

Aquariums are also educational. They can also help teach about the physical world we live in. Public aquariums give people the opportunity to see fish and animals up close in a way very few people could experience otherwise. Plus each aquarium is unique and different to look at so they are also entertaining. Adults and children are captivated by aquariums.

Aquariums are also a great way to introduce pets into a home to see if your kids are ready for other pets. The start up costs for a freshwater tank are fairly low. They are easy to maintain and they are quiet - no barking noises at 5:00 in the morning. Plus they are allergy friendly and a great way to calm a crying baby!

Experience the Ocean Up Close

Have you ever visited a public aquarium like the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta? Did you know there are over 60 Aquariums in North America alone. Does that give you an idea of how popular public aquariums are!

Create a Relaxing Environment

What kid hasn't had a fish at some point in their life? Whether it was a Gold Fish or a Betta Fish for even just a short season! Home aquariums are highly popular, easy to maintain and provide a relaxing environment in the home!